Acquiring knowledge is limited to just inside the book

In fact, knowledge is not limited to books, we have many ways to acquire knowledge from all over the world. Our main purpose in reading books is to acquire knowledge, but acquiring knowledge should not be limited to just reading books. One of the many ways to gain knowledge is to read books.

Acquiring knowledge is limited to just inside the book

But just reading books is not enough to acquire knowledge, there are many ways to acquire knowledge without reading books. We should acquire knowledge in all ways and not just stop reading books to acquire knowledge.

Books contain the knowledge and experience of others, in which case writing all the books may not be the right way to acquire knowledge. So you have to read good books to gain knowledge by reading books. But again, the knowledge gained through reading books alone is not enough for us.

Many people question what is knowledge? Knowledge is to know a subject well. In this case, knowing any subject is not complete knowledge, or who does not call it knowledge. For example, You know the date of birth of your close friend, but I do not know the date of birth of your close friend and do not know him. So naturally, it is not knowledge.

In fact, knowledge is knowing something that is useful to you, both personally and socially. Which distinguishes a human being from an animal and is considered an ideal human being Knowledge makes man the best, immortal and identifies him as great.

If you know how to talk to your friends or family and they are happy, it is a part of knowledge.

To be honest, knowledge is not something to be memorized, knowledge is to be acquired and known. For example: Have you ever memorized the name of someone in your family? Answer: No, you have never memorized the name of any member of your family.

You spent a lot of time together with them and got to know each other well, but didn’t have to memorize names. In fact, just like the knowledge thing, it is not a matter of memorizing. What needs to be known, understood, learned, and thus acquired knowledge.

The main source of knowledge is "experience". The more he travels around the world, the more he talks to people, the more knowledge he will gain. Moreover, we all know that a lot of experience can be gained through travel. I have already mentioned that knowledge is acquired through experience.

Wise people write information about their experiences and research in books and ordinary people try to memorize it by reading that book. However, it is not possible to acquire complete knowledge just by reading books or memorizing books.

However, it is not necessary to read books to acquire knowledge, but that is not the case. Wise people have researched various subjects thousands of years ago and written them in books. However, if a person is going to do research on that subject now, he has to start anew, if he does not know the previous subjects well by reading that book.

So it is not necessary to be limited to just reading books to acquire knowledge, there is also a lot to acquire knowledge and learn a lot from outside the book. In order to acquire knowledge, we must try to learn a lot from outside the book.

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