First impressions of the Samsung Galaxy F62 2021

Samsung is gradually but surely expanding its new F-series samsung Galaxy smartphone line, which was previously limited to the samsung Galaxy F41. The Samsung Galaxy F62 is the latest addition to the series, and it is priced more than the previous the best models. The samsung Galaxy F62's objective is to provide a truly flagship-grade SoC in the mid-range pricing bracket, and Samsung smartphone has chosen the Exynos 9825 SoC from the Galaxy Note 10+ phone (Review) as the heart of the device.

First impressions of the Samsung Galaxy F62 2021

The Samsung Galaxy F62 smartphone, with a starting price of Rs. only 23,999, offers real flagship-level better performance when compared to the competition. I've spent some time with the Galaxy F62 smartphone, and here are my initial thoughts on it.

Let's begin good with the title. Although the actual logic for picking the number 62 is unclear, the 'F62' smartphone name is meant to indicate a jump in features and good performance above the Galaxy F41 phone. Then there's the fact that it looks a lot like Samsung smartphone's own Galaxy M51, which is also in this price bracket. We'll get to it in a few minute.

The Samsung Galaxy F62 phone comes packaged in a small box. A Type-C to Type-C USB cable is included, which is unusual for a mid-range samsung smartphone. Unlike its 2021 flagships, Samsung smartphone still includes a fast charger with its mid-range best phones. There is no protection included in the box, which is unfortunate because the polycarbonate rear is easily use this scratched.

This takes us to the Samsung Galaxy F62 smartphone's design, which is rather nice. Although the shiny sheen attracts fingerprints the instant you touch it, the Laser Blue finish that I have looks stunning and much better. It also feels quite solid, although it's a large and heavy phone, measuring 9.5mm thick and weighing 218g on samsung. Despite its wide breadth, the camera hump protrudes somewhat samsung phone outside.

A big 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus panel with a hope-punch cutout and full-HD+ resolution serves as the better display. The display is a little too bright and the colors are oversaturated out of the box for my tastes, but you can adjust this in the Settings app you can set this. A few display features that the competition offers, like as an in-display fingerprint sensor and a fast refresh rate, are not available on the Samsung Galaxy F62 smartphone. A side-mounted capacitive fingerprint sensor (in the power button) and a standard 60Hz refresh rate are much included. Samsung galaxy is betting that its flagship SoC would compensate for the shortfall on this phone.

The Exynos 9825 is a strong chip, and while we won't delve into performance in this article since I still need to test it, be confident that there won't be any power shortages based on our experience with the Galaxy Note 10+ phone. Samsung galaxy is selling two models: a 6GB RAM model for Rs. only 23,999 and an 8GB RAM model for Rs. only on 25,999, both with 128GB of space storage. The latter may be extended via the SIM tray's dedicated micro SDcard slot in this. The Samsung Galaxy F62 smartphone runs One UI 3.1, which is based on Android 11 latest version, and the user experience is identical to that of the Galaxy S21 Ultra thus far this phone (Review).

The huge 7,000mAh long life battery is another significant attraction and one of the reasons for the smartphone's thickness. The Galaxy F62 phone, like the Galaxy M51, should be able to provide a two-day this battery life is much better. There's also 25W rapid charging support an is this very good point.

The cameras complete the Galaxy F62 smartphone, which is on paper quite similar to the Galaxy M51 phone (Review). On the back, there's a 32-megapixel selfie camera, a 64-megapixel back camera, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide angle this camera, and two 5-megapixel depth and macro sensors, as well as a 64-megapixel back camera, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide angle camera, and two 5-megapixel depth and macro sensors in camara. Samsung galaxy smartphone has also incorporated a few standout camera features, such as Single Take, which uses the samsung camera's AI to capture several stills from various lenses while applying filters, creating GIFs, and more by merely pressing the shutter button once samsung.

There's definitely a lot more camera testing to be done and it's very good, so stay tuned for my comprehensive this review, which will be published shortly. The Samsung Galaxy F62 smartphone appears to be a Galaxy M51 with a more powerful SoC based on what I've tried and seen so far on samsung galaxy f62.

For people that needed greater performance but didn't want to spend a lot of money, this may be a good thing and really nice. Does bolting on a premium SoC, on the other hand, prevent Samsung smartphone from including other useful features like an in-display fingerprint sensor or a 90Hz refresh rate? Let us know what you think in the comments section about this decision is really good.

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