Review of the Samsung Galaxy M42 5G: Affordable 5G, but at a Price 2021

The Samsung Galaxy M42 5G is the first phone in the M series to enable 5G network. It's also the most inexpensive smartphone with 5G connection in the whole Samsung lineup smartphone.


Review of the Samsung Galaxy M42 5G: Affordable 5G, but at a Price

Samsung phone has chosen the competent Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G CPU for the Galaxy M42 5G and but it also has an HD+ display, which stands out in this price bracket like a sore thumb.

In India, the Samsung Galaxy M42 5G phone costs Rs.

The base model of the Samsung Galaxy M42 5G smartphone costs Rs. only 21,999 and comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of space storage. The higher-end model costs Rs. only on 23,999 and comes with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of space storage. Prism Dot Gray and Prism Dot Black are the two color options on this smartphone.

Design of the Galaxy M42 5G smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy M42 5G is a large smartphone that resembles the samsung Galaxy A42 5G in appearance this. The Samsung Galaxy M42 5G sports a large 6.6-inch display with thin bezels all around on the phone. The top of the smartphone sports a dewdrop notch, which Samsung calls to as an Infinity-U display much better. The rear cover of the Galaxy M42 5G phone is made of polycarbonate with a glossy surface that Samsung refers to as "Glasstic." Smudges are clearly apparent due to the shiny surface, which attracts on this fingerprints.

From top to bottom, the Galaxy M42 smartphone 5G's rear panel is visibly split into four sections. The top quarter has a solid black glossy surface, while the color lightens as you move down the block in samsung. The lowest three segments contain a tiny dotted design that scatters light into many colors in this phone. The darker color choice is called Prism Dot Black, while the lighter color option is called Prism Dot Gray on samsung galaxy m42.

The Galaxy M42 5G phone is 8.6mm thick and weighs 193g, making it easy to handle. It's pleasant to grip, and the buttons were simple to reach while holding the gadget in this. When using the smartphone one-handed, there is an in-display and fingerprint scanner that is handy and quick to reach this smartphone. The SIM tray is located on the left side of the plastic frame, while the 3.5mm headphone jack, USB Type-C connector, and speakers are located on the right side this is very good setup. Only the secondary microphone is located on the top in this samsung phone.

On the Galaxy M42 5G smartphone, a quad-camera system is housed in a single module in the upper left corner of the rear camara. This square-shaped module has a minimal protrusion, which is a positive feature. A 5,000mAh long battery powers the Samsung Galaxy M42 5G, which also supports 15W rapid charging. In addition, Samsung phone included a 15W charger in the package, which is slower than the competitors. Even though it's positioned slightly below the Galaxy M42 5G smartphone, the Galaxy M51 (Review) supports and comes with a quicker 25W charger.

Specifications for the Samsung Galaxy M42 5G Phone

The fact that the 6.6-inch AMOLED display only offers an HD+ resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate was the first thing that struck my eye an this is good display. Given the high price tag for this smartphone, the low-resolution display is a major disappointment in galaxy. Samsung's Galaxy M21 phone (Review) has a full-HD+ AMOLED display and costs Rs 12,499 in India and Bangladesh. On the bright side, you get an in-display fingerprint scanner, making this one of the first Galaxy M smartphones to include one. However, I would have preferred a full-HD+ display and a side-mounted capacitive fingerprint scanner in this case an this is much better.

Thankfully, the cost-cutting effort does not extend to the department of performance on the samsung galaxy. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G 5G chipset powers the Galaxy M42 5G smartphone, which we've seen in direct competitors in India and Bangladesh like the Xiaomi Mi 10i smartphone (Review) and the Moto G 5G. Samsung galaxy provides the Galaxy M42 5G in two RAM configurations: 6GB and 8GB. Both of these models have 128GB of space storage. You can add up to 1TB of storage, but because the Galaxy M42 5G phone features a hybrid dual-SIM tray, you'll have to give up a second SIM to do so. Samsung galaxy phone might have provided a higher-end model with greater storage.

The Galaxy M42 5G phone runs OneUI 3.1 on top of Android 11 latest version in terms of software. This isn't the OneUI Core version we are seen on certain other Galaxy M series devices. At the time of review, the smartphone had the April Android version security patch, which is adequate. If you've ever used a Samsung phone, OneUI will seem quite familiar, and even if you haven't, it'll be very easy to adjust to this smartphone. I was disappointed to discover some preloaded bloatware on the samsung smartphone. If you don't intend to utilize these applications, I recommend uninstalling them right away.

5G performance of the Samsung Galaxy M42 smartphone

Samsung galaxy smartphone chose a competent CPU for the Galaxy M42 5G, and it more than lives up to expectations. There were no stutters or delays, app loading speeds were fair, and multitasking was not an any issue with my evaluation unit's 6GB space of RAM. The AMOLED display is bright and vibrant, but the low resolution is a thorn in the phone side. For interior use, I thought the LCD brightness sufficient, however outdoor visibility might have been somewhat and much better. The smartphone was quickly unlocked using the in this phone display fingerprint reader, which never required a second attempt.

In AnTuTu, the Galaxy M42 5G smartphone received 357,881 points. Geekbench 5's single-core and multi-core benchmarks gave it 652 and 1,837 points, respectively on samsung. Because this smartphone has an HD+ display, it outperforms other phones in graphics benchmarks, achieving 56 frames per second in GFXBench Manhattan 3.1 on galaxy m42.

In terms of gameplay, I used Call of Duty Mobile, which had the visuals and frame rate set to High by default in this galaxy phone. It was perfectly playable with these basic settings. After twenty minutes of gaming, the top of the smartphone became warm to the touch, but not to a worrisome degree on it. Casual games worked nicely, and the smartphone showed no symptoms of overheating.

The Galaxy M42 phone 5G's 5,000mAh long life battery comfortably let me to travel time more than a day without needing to recharge. The smartphone survived 22 hours and only 55 minutes on our HD videos loop test. This is a nice moment, however as the battery percentage falls below 15%, Samsung galaxy reduces the display brightness. The smartphone only got to 26 percent after only on 30 minutes and 51 percent after an hour of charging at 15W.

5G cameras on the Galaxy M42 phone

The quad-camera configuration on Samsung's smartphone is very typical. A 48-megapixel back camera, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, a 5-megapixel depth sensor, and a 5-megapixel macro camera are all included in the samsung Galaxy M42. It sports a 20-megapixel selfie camera in the dewdrop notch on the front to samsung this phone. The camera software on Samsung's smartphones hasn't changed, and I had no trouble choosing the correct preset for a photos. The camera app's AI recognizes what it's aimed at very quickly and adjusts the camera accordingly.

In cloudy conditions, I took a few daylight photos with the samsung Galaxy M42 5G, and the results were very good. The colors were many beautiful, albeit little enhanced, and there was a lot of detail. When compared to images made with the smasung primary camera, the ultra-wide camera has a lesser resolution and less detail on galaxy. Each frame has deformation on the sides as very well.

Close-up photos came out looking great, with nice colors and phone details. The smartphone also achieves a backdrop blur. Portraits had good edge detection, and I could adjust the blur level before photo shooting. I could also use the Photos Gallery to add extra effects to portrait on the pictures. The macro photos were fantastic, with a lot of this detail.

Landscape this photos in low light showed mediocre details and weren't as sharp, but noise was kept under the control. The frame was somewhat constricted in Night mode camara, but the output was brighter and had significantly greater this camara detail.

Beautification is turned on by default in selfies, smoothing out skin textures on the camara. Even with masks on, the smartphone was able to recognize faces and take portrait selfies. Selfies taken in low light exhibited very good detail as well.

For the back camera, video recording is limited to 4K 30fps. Stabilization is enabled by default, however small vibrations were evident in the output, thus I found it to be mediocre in samsung. The Super Steady mode improves stabilization by utilizing the ultra-wide-angle galaxy camera. The 4K footage was not stabilized, and the low-light camara quality was mediocre at best.


Samsung's Galaxy M42 5G phone is currently the most inexpensive 5G smartphone on the market. It comes with a very  powerful CPU and performs well. Samsung galaxy, on the other hand, has shaved some corners with the display. At Rs. only on 21,999, an HD+ resolution is a huge let down.

Given the lack of 5G networks in India and Bangladesh, you might want to explore the Galaxy F62 samsung as a viable option. If you're searching for a 5G-ready smartphone at this price point, the Xiaomi Mi 10i phone (Review) and the Realme X7 (Review) are better options than the Galaxy M42 5G smartphone.

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