About Eduava Brand

Who is the Admin and Ceo of Eduava?

Hello, This me Admin and Ceo of the brand Eduava named Luban Mashrafee. I am a blogger and SEO expert. I am working in this field for more than 2 years. I love blogging just because maybe it is in my DNA. I came from Bangladesh. Still, I am a student but continuing to blogging. 

What is Eduava Brand Providing you?

Eduava Brand is a non-profit organisation. It is completely free providing real and safe articles to you. Eduava shares the latest smartphones model and their best review honestly. Again Eduava motivates you in education, shares the best books of education or motivation. 

How the journey of Eduava Started?

I said previously that I am a professional blogger. So I planed this website. First It was also hard for me to run such a big company but now it's really easy for me to manage Eduava.

Why choose Eduava for your information?

First of all, the important thing reading an article is should be organic and real. Eduava only provides real and safe content for you. You can enjoy the Eduava website according to your needs and time full freely. 

Thanks for staying with Eduava and choosing it for your service.

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